The story of Raising Futures Kenya

Raising Futures Kenya was known as Vision Africa Give a Child a Future until December 2018. Vision Africa was founded by Reverend and Mrs Packard in 2001. In the 1990s the couple moved to Kenya from the North of England to work as Chief Administrators at an independent children’s home in Nairobi.  They learned a lot during their time at the children’s home and when they left their roles there, as a practical expression of their Christian faith, they founded a charity that would support vulnerable children and young people in the country they now called home – Vision Africa was born.


For 15 years the charity has been led by a senior team who shared John and Vera’s strong and active faith. We work with children and families in Kenya, taking practical action in the areas of education and community development. Initial shared faith has driven our work as an expression of God’s love, and not as the promotion of faith, as we have always worked with those of all faiths and none.


The charity has developed and grown, welcoming a mix of new staff members, trustees, and volunteers. Today we are led by a passionate, diverse team, some who profess a strong Christian faith, others do not. All of our team share the core values instilled in the charity through its Christian foundation. We are inclusive, compassionate, and empowering and we share a desire to see a world in which families, children, and young people in Kenya live with dignity, opportunity and hope.


In 2018 we relaunched Vision Africa as Raising Futures Kenya to give a clear emphasis on our intentions and work. Our Christian roots have shaped our direction giving us a way to confidently express our ethos and values. We share experiences, stories, our passion, and our commitment to seeing lives transformed through our work.

Would you like to support us with prayer?

If you’d like to support our work with prayer, we welcome support from people from all faiths. Drop us a line and we will add you to our prayer email newsletter.