We are delighted to welcome Audrey Hazel into a brand new Fundraising Manager role in Kenya!

Audrey (pictured above) brings a wealth of skills and experience to our Kenyan partner’s senior leadership team, and a huge boost in capacity to fundraise from within Kenya, in order to support the growing number of students we are reaching each year, and to increase our partner’s financial self-sustainability.

“I’ve immersed myself in the world of African non-profits, gaining a deep understanding of their most significant challenge: fundraising. I’ve witnessed first-hand the struggles they face, from limited capacity and a lack of essential fundraising software to the absence of key strategies needed for successful fundraising initiatives. With my unique skill set, I empower non-profits to overcome their fundraising obstacles and thrive in their missions.”

“I am excited to join the RFK team and expand the wonderful work. I hope to build on the fundraising successes and efforts that have preceded me and I look forward to injecting that much needed innovative touch to our fundraising and development strategies.” – Audrey Hazel, Fundraising & Development Manager

This exciting new role represents a big step towards our goal to shift power from the UK to our Kenyan partner by investing in ways to address the power imbalance at the heart of our partnership, which is largely perpetuated through access to funding. We hope our shared focus on maximising impact and building sustainability, capacity and resilience for our Kenyan partner will support their journey to become fully self-reliant within 15 years (see our Strategic Plan 2022-26). And we are delighted to be supported with funding from The Fore for this brand new senior Fundraising role in Kenya.

“For Raising Futures Kenya NGO, having this fundraising role start today is very exciting. As we move towards sustainability and local financial growth, this role will be key in ensuring we get the most needed resources to make the dream true. We’re grateful to the Fore for the funding of this role that we’re positive will change the impact and development of Raising Futures Kenya NGO in a great way” – Mary Mwangi, Director of Operations, Raising Futures Kenya NGO 

“We’re really excited to be working with such a progressive funder as The Fore who are supporting our journey to shift power. The Fore’s grant investment in a dedicated Fundraising role in Kenya will be transformational for our partner, for our organisation, and our partnership. We’re keen to share our learning and hope The Fore’s backing encourages other funders to take the leap to get behind charities who are working to achieve shifts in power too.” – Leela Shanti, Head of Fundraising & Impact, Raising Futures Kenya, UK.

We warmly welcome Audrey Hazel to the Raising Futures Kenya organisational family and are excited for the next steps in our journey together!