Thank you for considering donating to Raising Futures Kenya.


Your kind support will enable young people to build financially independent and bright futures for themselves and their families – breaking the cycle of poverty and giving young people the opportunity to thrive.

The impact your donation could have;

  • £6 = Lunch for a student for a whole month so they don’t have to learn whilst hungry
  • £15 = Care package of a year’s supply of sanitary and hygiene products preventing girls from missing school when on their period, and a session on girl’s health and rights so they know their rights and how to assert them
  • £18 = A month of childcare vouchers for a young mother to enable her to attend her lessons, get an education and build a bright future for herself and her child
  • £25 = A month of a young person’s vocational training course enabling them to gain the skills needed to find employment or start a small business
  • £30 = A year of counselling and well-being support for a young person who has experienced trauma, depression, grief, stress or anything which could impact their mental health well-being and prevent them from getting the most out of their education
  • £50 = Financial Literacy and Business Skills training session for 30 young people to enable them to build a financially secure future for themselves and their family
  • £100 = A toolbox full of tools and safety equipment for our Carpentry and Joinery or Motor Vehicle Mechanics graduates to borrow to help them set up their own small business, returned when they’ve made enough to buy their own tools ready for the next graduate
  • £233 = A laptop to enable students to learn essential computer skills and to help them launch their businesses when they graduate


Donating from outside the UK

If you are donating from outside the UK you can donate to us via GlobalGiving. Here is our project appeal page for Seed of Hope.

If you are in Kenya, you can make a donation directly to the Kenyan NGO account using m-pesa:

Paybill Number – 542542

Account Number – 336633

Account Name – Raising Futures Kenya


Thank you!