Become a Partner

Companies and Corporates

Do you work for, or run, a company which shares our values or vision of creating opportunities and social justice for all?  We’re looking for companies to make meaningful partnerships with.  Not only will you be supporting us but you’ll be demonstrating to your customers, clients and staff that you are actively playing a part in creating a fairer world – where everyone has access to opportunities to build rewarding futures.

Partnerships can take many forms and we’re keen to personalise something that meets your needs and resources.

If you’d like to discuss potential ideas please do not hesitate to contact our Chair of Trustees, Andy King on

Partner spotlight: Millennium Consulting

For over 15 years Millennium Consulting have partnered with us.  Every year they run a Charity Golf Day and auction for us.  In the last year we’ve partnered members of their team with members of our team in Kenya so they can find out more about what we do.  We’ve also run a webinar for their clients during lockdown on overcoming adversity during challenging times, which included some inspirational stories of the students we’ve worked alongside over the years.

We’re so grateful to everyone at Millennium Consulting for their committed, on-going support. 

To find out more about what they do, visit their website here.

Rotary, Church and Community Groups

If your Rotary Club, church or community group are interested in partnering with us, we’d be delighted to.  In the past our staff or Trustees have given talks at group meetings or attended events.  We’d love to discuss ideas with you so please do not hesitate to contact us at

Partner spotlight: Dunfermline Rotary Club

For over 12 years Dunfermline Rotary Club have supported us. From first supporting us to install a safe water pump and rainwater collection system to empowering families to start their own business and lots in between. We’re so grateful for the continuing support from everyone at Dunfermline Rotary Club.

David Chalmers, Dunfermline Rotary’s International Convener, said “Over these past 12 years, our Club has been delighted to support a range of projects undertaken with Seed of Hope/Vision Africa/Raising Futures Kenya.  Being accountable for Rotary funds my job has been made so much easier due to the excellent reports received on projects supported by photographs and receipts.  That encouraged us over the years to support further worthwhile projects and we would take this opportunity to congratulate Raising Futures Kenya on their impressive work over these past 20 years”.

Kitui water pump

School, Colleges and Universities

If you work at, or attend, a school, college or university and would like to explore ways of working together then please get in touch!

We’ve had lots of different types of partnerships which have involved us; developing a lesson resource pack on what it’s like to grow up and learn in Kenya, creating fundraising idea packs, giving presentations to school students, hosting University students on placements, swapping class letters with the students in Kenya.  We’ve had teachers in the UK partnering with teachers in Kenya and sharing tips and skills with each other, we’ve also had teachers and lecturers visit our work in Kenya – so there’s lots of different ways to get involved!

We understand with many children and students having to learn remotely at some point in the last year that it’s really important to find new ways to engage in learning.


We’d love to chat about ideas with you so please do not hesitate to contact us at