Raising Futures Kenya is building a new Seed of Hope training centre in the heart of a vulnerable informal settlement (slum housing) in Nairobi. Our Seed of Hope programme provides vocational training and business & computer skills courses, alongside counselling, food and support for 14-25 year olds, many living in poverty. Enabling young people to secure employment or start a business becoming self-reliant. Our Nairobi centre currently runs from shipping containers and temporary iron classrooms on a plot of land which re not fit for purpose or an inspiring place to learn, we want to change this!


Why is a new Seed of Hope training centre needed in Nairobi?

Unemployment in Kenya has tripled since COVID-19. At least 1.5 million young people are out of work, dramatically increasing the number of people living in poverty and out of school education. Unemployment and poverty put young people, especially girls, at high risk of exploitation such as child marriage, teenage pregnancy, selling sex as a means to survive, drug/alcohol addiction and criminal activity. With girls not returning to school they have no employment skills or qualifications. That’s where Seed of Hope comes in.

Unfortunately our current facilities are not suitable to accommodate the number of students we would like to, especially whilst trying to ensure students can social distance. Our centre also isn’t accessible to student with additional physical needs.


What will the new centre enable us to do?

Our new training centre, with 4 accessible classrooms and a new toilet block, will enable vulnerable young people aged 14-25 (75%girls) from low-income areas of Nairobi to access free skills training in: Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Fashion Design, Catering & Hospitality or Hair & Beauty (this will be a new course added), Business & Computer Skills. Students also receive free food, counselling, childcare vouchers and support to enable them to attend lessons and focus. This combined support enables graduates to secure employment or start a business, becoming self-reliant and able to support their families.

We have worked with a local architect to create a design and build plan for the new learning centre, which will be built in two phases, with the second storey to be built in future when funds allow.  The first phase will include four ground floor classrooms, toilets, staircase, refurbishing the shipping container classrooms to make a computer room and business hub and creating a new kitchen building and store (the picture at the bottom shows the complete building with 2 levels).

What long-term impact will the new Seed of Hope training centre have?

We’ve already seen the long term impact of this programme having run it successfully since 2004, with over 90% of graduates in employment or education. Within 6 months of graduating 95% graduates will be earning enough to live above the poverty line. Many go on to financially support their families, including paying school fees for siblings, helping to break the cycle of poverty for families in vulnerable communities. A new centre means we could support 510 young people a year (currently 195).


How much will it cost?

To build and equip the centre it will cost £102k. So far we have secured £82k funding towards the new Seed of Hope centre in Nairobi, leaving just £20k to raise. If you would like to make a donation towards the new centre, please visit our fundraising appeal page on GlobalGiving here.


When will the building work start?

We won’t start building until we have secured all of the funding required, this is to ensure we can minimise the disruption to the students who will continue their learning at a temporary site. Ideally we would like to start the building in June 2023 so works can be completed ready for the new cohort of students joining us in January 2024. We just have £20,000 left to raise so we are very close!


More information

If you have any questions about the plans, or would like to get involved please contact Kirsty Erridge Co-Director on kirsty@raisingfutureskenya.org.uk.