On Friday 23rd Feb Raising Futures Kenya celebrated the launch of our new training centre building and graduation ceremony! A huge moment in Raising Futures’ journey and for the young people in the local community. Having flown in ahead of the launch, Andy King, RFK Chair of Board said in anticipation “it feels a little bit like Christmas Eve and New Years Eve all in one!”

It was a joyous launch ceremony! A brilliantly organised event with lovely speeches, beautiful dedications, and a wonderful celebration with all the students, graduates and teachers, and key partners together!

The building is superb! It provides an improved learning environment, space for additional courses and student places, adds value to our work in so many ways, to the community and to vocational training in Kenya! The building was beautifully dedicated in the memory of many loved ones and to the future of each and every person who will walk through the gate! A symbol of hope, of so much achievement made and of what is to come.

‘Since the inception of Seed of Hope in 2002, we have given more than 4,000 young people the skills they need for employment…This is a milestone moment that shows our commitment to investing in young people to get the skills they need. The completion of this build is a dream come true.’

Mary Mwangi

Executive Director, Raising Futures Kenya NGO

A huge part of the celebrations was the graduation ceremony for the 276 young Seed of Hope Nairobi graduates who completed courses at the training centre in 2023. There were encouraging words from successful graduates and Seed of Hope leaders and the Director of the Ministry of Education!

“This centre gives us in the government hope too. TVET drives the economy… people being trained here become the drivers of the economy. The good cars we drive, the good clothes we wear, the good food we eat, all begin here… Seed of Hope gives hope: now the graduates will make that hope a reality.”

Martha Odundo

Director of Education, Ministry of Education

Below you can watch the video of Andy King’s, Raising Futures’ UK Chair’s speech (6 min), as well as the video of the Fashion graduates’ fashion show…always the highlight of Seed of Hope graduation ceremonies.

Excitingly, Raising Futures Kenya was featured on Kenya Television Network News and in the Standard Newspaper!