During these strange times, it is important to reflect on the success stories of the young people we work with at Seed of Hope. With your generous support, we can stay forward-looking and optimistic about the bright futures that await them.


Jacob is the Seed of Hope School Captain and in his second year of study on the Motor Vehicle Mechanic course at our Nairobi training centre. He is 23 years old and from a household of six, supported by his mother as the sole breadwinner.Upon completion of secondary school, Jacob wanted to join a government-led technical institution to study motor vehicle engineering. Unfortunately, he did not achieve the grades for public university and his mother is not financially stable enough to afford the fees of further education.


Jacob has had numerous casual jobs to save money for college tuition and to support his family. When the Seed of Hope centre moved close to his house, he soon learnt that the programmes on offer were free of charge and signed up immediately.


The crisis of COVID-19 is unfolding at a worryingly rapid rate and the detrimental economic and social impacts are penetrating communities across Kenya. Learning institutions have been closed indefinitely and widespread panic has resulted in a loss of livelihoods. This includes Jacob’s mother who has lost her job as a house manager, leaving the family without a source of income to pay for basic necessities such as food and rent.





Through his association with Seed of Hope, Jacob and his family are among 390 people receiving financial assistance from the Raising Futures Kenya COVID-19 response efforts. They have received a transfer of funds via Mpesa (mobile currency) to help pay the rent, purchase food, water and hygiene products, like sanitiser and masks, that can be used as protection against the virus.


Photo: Jacob’s niece is excited to model one of the masks!


Teachers are working hard to ensure that all students receive learning materials to read, write notes and engage with fellow classmates in online group discussions. We’re pleased to report that Jacob is hugely benefiting from the virtual interaction with his teachers and classmates, and the tools to continue his study. Looking to the future, he is hoping to graduate with high honours, having already completed external exams with the National Industrial and Technical Authority. Post-graduation, he will work hard for a job placement in a motor vehicle company and advance his study to degree level, to fulfil his dream of becoming one of the greatest motor vehicle engineers in Kenya.


Jacob’s message to you…


“I want to thank all the teachers, and everyone who have supported me while at Seed of Hope. My sincere gratitude to Raising Futures Kenya and donors who have stepped in to help my family with financial support during this scary time of COVID-19.”


With your unwavering support and welcome donations, we are helping ambitious and self-driven students, like Jacob, to stay on track and to not let COVID-19 stop him reaching his full potential.



With thanks to volunteer copywriter Lucy Farrell, who kindly gave her time to tell Jacob’s story.