Update written by Sherry Waweru, Senior Programmes Officer

The term begun well as learners reported back to school after spending the school holiday with their families. According to the head teacher of Kirunguru school, learners who board at the school always excited and eager to come back to as the school has become a safe haven where they are loved, cared for, protected and relate well with their peers and teachers. The two specialist schools, in partnership with Raising Futures Kenya, have created a holistic programme and a beautiful environment where children with specialist needs feel comfortable, appreciated, encouraged and supported to reach their full potential.  Through their daily activities, pre-vocational training and physiotherapy sessions, the children have shown significant improvement in acquired life skills and fine motor skills, physical and emotional wellbeing.


As the first term came to an end, the learners from both Percy Davies and Kirunguru specialist schools were invited by a Nairobi lottery club to attend a family fun day for people living with disabilities. The children were excited to go out and enjoy themselves in away from school. The event was culminated with children and young people living with disability showcasing their skills, talents and abilities.. Apart from attending the family fun day, the learners also participated in inter-school competitions like athletics, drama festivals and scouting. Both Kirunguru and Percy Davies special schools went up to regional levels. Participation of children with special needs in extra curriculum activities have proved to be very important as it has built their confidence, self-esteem, improve academics and also their relationship with other people.

In addition, both specialist schools offer physiotherapy sessions twice a month and this has brought positive energy, physical, mental and emotional transformation among the learners. There is significant improvement among the children attending Kirunguru and Percy Davies special school as they have a one on one therapy sessions with professional therapist as well teachers’ encouragement and support throughout the term like the case of Erick who was born with Down Syndrome. Erick is in level one and was enrolled at Kirunguru special school in 2017 at the age of 10. When he came, he was very aggressive and could not sit still in class neither could he remain dressed up the whole day as he would remove his school shoes, sweater or shorts. Through therapy, Erick has become attentive, social and follows instructions given by the teachers. His class teacher believe that Erick will soon be taken to level two as he has shown great improvement since he stared therapy sessions.

On behalf of all the students, parents and teachers at Percy Davies and Kirunguru please accept our gratitude for your continuing support. We sincerely thank you for believing in our programme because it is through your generous donations we are able to support the two special schools to become self-sustainable and ensure that leaners are able to reach the best specialized education they deserve.