We are thrilled to be able to announce that earlier this year, Danish charity Help Every Day, donated an amazing £25,000 to Raising Futures Kenya to support our work with specialist schools for children with disabilities.


Help Every Day is a not-for-profit organisation that invites people around the world to make their compassion count – every single day. They envision a world where massive social and economic injustice is a dark chapter of yesterday’s agenda. It is their vision to contribute to the development of communities and societies characterised by social and economic justice and the protection of universal human rights.


What is the project?


Two specialist schools, Percy Davies and Kirunguru, built by Raising Futures Kenya have been gradually handed over to the community over the last 10 years. They are both now mostly funded by the Kenyan Government and Raising Futures Kenya continues to contribute around 3% of the total school budget towards supplementary educational
resources, a feeding programme and the cost of essentials like electricity costs. We also support the schools to work closely with an Occupational Therapist and Pediatric Physiotherapist from a local hospital who visit the schools weekly to deliver therapies in a specialist therapy room that the charity funded. Occasionally, this work also involves working with parents and families to support them to care for their child and to support them to challenge negative cultural perceptions about children with disabilities.


As part of our 2019-2021 strategic plan it is our intention to facilitate sustainable, self-sufficient programmes that don’t rely on external aid to function. We are thrilled that Kirunguru and Percy Davies are now very close to being fully community owned! With support from Help Every Day, we have worked very closely with both of the schools in 2019 to support them on their journey to be fully community owned. We are very excited to be continuing this work into 2020 with the ambitious goal of seeing both schools fully self-reliant by the end of 2020.



Help Every Day’s full project grant will specifically finance the following activities

  • School feeding programme for children at Kirunguru and Percy Davies Special Schools for one year.
  • Learning materials and educational resources for Kirunguru and Percy Davies Special Schools for one year.
  • Medical support for students at the Kirunguru and Percy Davies Special School for one year.
  • Physical therapies for children at Kirunguru and Percy Davies Special School for one year.
  • Establishing income generating School Business Farms (SBF) at both schools for self reliance.
  • Landscaping/accessibility improvements at Kirunguru Special School.
  • Accessible play equipment for children at Kirunguru and Percy Davies Special School.

We are incredibly grateful to be working with Help Every Day to be able to support these two schools to become totally self-reliant and be able to support many more children with disabilities long into the future. Thank you to every one of you that has helped us to reach this point – we couldn’t have done it without your support.