The Guardian reports “an estimated 2.1 million Kenyans face starvation due to a drought in half the country, which is affecting harvests.”


Whilst the impact of COVID-19 continues to impact unemployment and poverty levels in Kenya, many of our students in our two rural Seed of Hope training centres are now facing an even more devastating disaster. Severe droughts in Kenya this year have resulted in crop failures driving up the cost of food, as there is less available, making it even harder for families, already struggling, to make ends meet. Wells have also dried up forcing families to buy water – another expense they can’t afford.


Many of our students at Seed of Hope Kitui reported that the free lunch we provide whilst they learn was the only meal they were eating all day.  Some students were even taking their lunch home to share with their younger siblings and parents. We responded immediately and have been providing every student (and staff) with a bag of rice each week to take home to their families, and we have started providing breakfast and fruit snacks for the students so they can focus on their lessons without being hungry.


The impact of the drought will continue next year as below average rains are forecast for the rest of this year which impacts the crop cycle and produce due to be sewn or sold for next year. The regions most affected are those who have already been hit hardest by the impact of COVID-19 and are living below the poverty line.


It is costing an additional £500 per month, minimum, to provide the additional bags of rice for students to take to their families. If you are able to contribute anything towards this, it would make a huge difference to us and the children and families who need our support now. You can donate here.