Joyce, (pictured above), is 25 years old. She is a mother of two and currently a business owner. She loves spending time her two children.

Joyce was a secondary school student when she fell pregnant and had to discontinue her education. She got married to the father of her child and they decided to grow their family and they were blessed with another child, becoming a family of four. Her husband had been the sole breadwinner but his income was being stretched thin and wasn’t enough to take care of the family. Joyce decided to enroll at the institution in order to learn a skill that would enable her to supplement her family’s income. She faced a lot of backlashes from her in-laws who did not want her to go to school and also were not helpful in looking after her children when her husband had to go away for work. She had to move back to her parent’s home with her children in order to start school.

After she enrolled in a dress making course at Kangweni Seed of Hope in July of 2022, she not only gained valuable skills through free training but, being a young mother, she also received a monthly childcare voucher. These vouchers proved instrumental in addressing her children’s needs while she attended school. She could concentrate on her course work without any concerns about her children’s well being.

The provision of free tuition also eliminated the financial burden of school fees, granting her the freedom to focus on her studies. Additionally, the guidance and counseling she received proved invaluable in addressing the challenges she faced as a young mother in her personal life. With the unwavering support of her mother, she ventured into entrepreneurship post-graduation and has since extended opportunities to a student from the January cohort.

Now adept at managing both her business and family responsibilities, she envisions future growth for her venture. The profound impact of Seed of Hope’s assistance in honing her skills and offering continuous support throughout her journey is deeply appreciated.

Here, in the video below, Joyce tells her story in her own words whilst being interviewed by Florence Olwenge, our Seed of Hope Manager.