Naomi (pictured above) is 16 years old and is the sixth born in a family of eight. Sadly, there was no hope of her joining high school this year due to lack of finances in her home. Naomi’s mother is the breadwinner of the family and she relies on casual labour which has been hard to come by due to the prolonged drought season.

Naomi’s aunt asked her to accompany her to their local Seed of Hope centre where she was taking her son and, in the process, Naomi developed an interest in enrolling. We are very pleased to say that Naomi enrolled at Kangweni Seed of Hope in January of 2023 to study Carpentry and Joinery being the first girl in the history of the institution to enrol in the carpentry course! She explained to her mother that she wanted to enrol in a course that would challenge her and also set her apart. 

Naomi was elected class representative for her Carpentry and Joinery class which has really helped to boost her confidence. She has also received additional support that our Seed of Hope programme offers alongside the vocational training such counselling sessions and menstrual pads which has enabled her to focus on her education.

Seed of Hope training courses are free which has meant that her parents have not had to worry about paying school fees for Naomi. This has lifted a huge burden of worry from both Naomi’s and her parents’ shoulders – instead Naomi has been able to acquire new skills and seamlessly integrate into her class.

This experience has boosted her confidence, and she is eagerly anticipating the successful completion of her course, excelling in her new career and inspiring numerous other girls to enrol in the programme!