ChildrenAs part of our Family Strengthening project (re-uniting children from children’s homes to their families) we have been empowering families to become financially independent so they can support their children to grow up at home, not in an orphanage.


We have been working with families over the last year to provide business skills and financial literacy training so they can set up a business and manage budgets and finances. We’ve given them seed funding to start their own small business, enabling them to become financially independent and not reliant on hand-outs.


Despite the challenges and issues COVID-19 and the lockdowns presented, the parents and guardians have persevered and worked incredibly hard to make their businesses a success. We are delighted to report that we have just paid the final instalment towards the children’s school fees and every parent/guardian was able to contribute 70% towards the school fees as agreed.


This is part of a staggered reduction in support towards the school fees over the course of the year as eventually the families will be earning enough to no longer need our support. We are fully confident that the families will be able to pay the full school fees in the new year. In the meantime we are continuing to have regular check-ins with them to ensure their self-run group support is going well and that they, and the children, are all managing ok.


This is an incredible achievement and a huge step forward towards independence and empowerment for the families. It wouldn’t have been possible without your generous and dedicated support, thank you very much for standing by us.