In order to meet growing demand for our vocational and business skills courses since the global covid pandemic, we have significantly increased student places on our Seed of Hope programme for 14-25 year olds, who are experiencing extreme poverty. Together, with our family of supporters, we have increased the number of young people supported 5 times over in 5 years! 

We’re a small charity with BIG ambitions, and this year we aim to support 1,060 students to gain income-generating skills and essential support to break the cycle of poverty! To do this, we urgently seek support to keep up with demand and turn no young person away. 

Whatever the size, if you can, please consider setting up a regular donation today. Repeat giving by direct debit means you can easily spread your support over the year. Unexpected donations are great, but the consistency of monthly donations can have a bigger impact for us as an organisation, saving us time and money to achieve our goals – and therefore can be more effective in creating meaningful change for young people in Kenya. 

Make a difference with a regular donation: £25 can provide a month of a young person’s vocational training enabling them to gain the skills needed to find employment or start a small business and become self-sufficient. But larger or smaller regular gifts are all hugely valued. 

When you make monthly gifts to our small charity, you can see the real impact your donation is making, stay connected with where your money went, and know that when you donate to Raising Futures Kenya, you’re empowering young people in Kenya to change their narrative through training and education, and hope!

Until recently and for a number of years I have been very involved in the running of a small charity to provide educational support for bright children in Kenya. I was very aware that our charity was successful due to so many supporters agreeing to make regular monthly donations.  The certainty of regular donations meant that we could budget and confidently commit to support children through four years of secondary education.

I continue to believe that education and training is the key to long term sustainability for young people, their families and communities.  After we closed our charity last year, I looked for ways to maintain my support for young people in Kenya.

Having made an initial donation to Raising Futures and being impressed with the work the charity was doing, I realised that instead of making irregular payments, though of course welcome, it would be better to commit to a regular direct debit which I have now done, starting from 1st May.

I commend Raising Future to you, my friends and colleagues and if you are in a position to make a regular donation, I know that will be very appreciated.”

Simon Brister

Founder/Trustee of Kenyan Educational Support, 2010-2023 and new monthly donor to Raising Futures Kenya