In September we launched our first virtual challenge, Step Up September – to walk, run or move 50 miles (80kms) in a month.


This is the distance between our Seed of Hope training centre in Nairobi and Kariti.


9 amazing people took up the challenge and covered 500 miles between them in a month, raising over £2,380! This will pay for 16 young people in Kenya, aged 14-25, to complete a vocational training and business skills course, alongside mental health support. With the skills, confidence and knowledge gained they will be able to secure a job, or set up a small business, and build a rewarding future for themselves, free from poverty.


A huge thank you to each and every person who took part, it wasn’t easy going out day after day to cover the miles, especially when the rain set in! A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored them, collectively you’ve enabled 16 young people to have the opportunity to build a better life for themselves, and their families. Thank you.


Meet the amazing participants!


Andy – Walked 100 miles around London, exploring his local area and famous landmarks.

Claire and Brian – Walked 50 miles together, both suffering from medical issues but they were determined to complete the challenge – which they did with a day to spare!

Frances – As a teacher Frances knows how important access to training and education is for young people. Between teaching and looking after her two small sons she managed to walk, run, cycle and paddle board 50 miles!

Suzie – Ran 50 miles despite being poorly at the end of the month, she powered through and completed the 50 miles!

Kirsty – Started off doing a mixture of runs and walks but decided to run the whole challenge, despite not being a runner, completing the 50 miles running and an extra 26 miles of walking!

Vic – Combined walking on the school run with her daughter and horse riding to cover the 50 miles.

Mary – And finally Mary, our Operations Director in Kenya, was so inspired by everyone taking part that she decided to take part in the challenge too! Mary walked and ran 50 miles, completing the last few miles with an injury but determined to finish!


What an amazing team of Step Up September challengers – thank you!