When it comes to making your Will, we understand that your first priority will be to provide for your loved ones.  If you are interested in leaving something to a charity in your Will, we would love you to consider Raising Futures Kenya. The gift you leave could secure the futures of young people experiencing poverty in Kenya.


A legacy that will change lives in Kitui, Kenya


In 2021 we were overwhelmed to receive a generous and surprise gift from someone’s Will. For a small charity, receiving unexpected income creates a rare opportunity to accelerate plans or go above and beyond what was considered possible in a given year.


In this case, receiving this unexpected and generous gift meant we were able to accelerate the build of our new Educational Business Hub which will provide a dedicated place for graduates of our Kitui Seed of Hope centre to be supported in establishing their own income generating businesses.




The Educational Business Hub will provide; 


  • Facilities and equipment for graduates to use to launch their own business including a tools and equipment library to borrow and use of larger equipment on-site like sewing machines and woodwork machinery.
  • Computers and internet alongside a business, finance and marketing textbook library.
  • Support from a full-time Business and IT teacher based at the hub to support graduates with setting up and managing their businesses successfully.
  • Technical advice from their vocational training teachers when required to ensure they are producing high quality goods or services.  
  • Peer mentorship from former successful graduates.
  • Community Computer and Internet Cafe (providing computer and internet access for the local community for a cost to subsidise the running costs of the Hub, making it fully sustainable and fulfilling a local need for the community – the nearest similar facility is 25km away).
  • Space to provide community training courses on financial literacy and business skills.


When graduates finish their technical training courses with us they can struggle to start their own business due to the capital start-up money needed to buy equipment or rent a space to operate their business from. Graduates can also struggle with confidence due to their young age and lack of business experience.


Each year at least 160 young people (75% female, 100% rural) will benefit from the use of the Educational Business Hub when they graduate from their Seed of Hope training course.  An additional estimated 380 family members will indirectly benefit, as young people running their businesses will bring in additional income to support their household.  500 members of the community will receive free financial literacy and business skills training.


We were also incredibly grateful to have received a donation in loving memory of one of our supporters Betty Waugh who kindly supported our work for an incredible 20 years.


If you decide to include a gift to Raising Futures in your Will, or you have any questions about this please do contact us.  You can find some useful advice about writing Wills here. The best way to make or amend a Will is through your solicitor but please contact us if you have any questions or special requests for how your gift would be used to ensure every young person in Kenya has a chance of building a happy, secure future for themselves, free from poverty.