Hi everyone! 👋


My name is Stephanie and I am the volunteer responsible for managing the Raising Futures Kenya Facebook page. Here’s my story….


It started in 2004


Back in 2004, when I was just 14 years old, I made the decision to get involved with an African charity who supported children living in poverty. I’d been inspired by programmes such as Comic Relief so, when I was old enough to have a bank account, I knew what I wanted to spend some of my pocket money on supporting these kind of projects.


Choosing a charity to support wasn’t an easy or quick decision, I spent hours on the internet trying to find a charity where I felt my money would be well spent. Having eliminated many larger charities due to their large overhead costs and impersonal nature, I chose Vision Africa (now Raising Futures Kenya).


My involvement with the charity


Through my association with Raising Futures Kenya, I supported a child through school, kept up to date with the charity’s projects, hosted fundraising events and also inspired others to get involved too! In addition to this, I was privileged enough to attend several of Raising Future Kenya’s AGMs.


Having met John and Vera Packard, who are the founders of this amazing charity, I am confident that each month my donation goes where it is needed most. I have previously visited Uganda and Ghana (where the photo above was taken), visiting Kenya remains on my bucket list! One day I hope to see the wonderful work of Raising Futures Kenya for myself but, for now, almost 15 years after my first interaction with this charity, I am delighted to be involved in managing the Raising Futures Kenya Facebook page! I really enjoy sharing the latest news and updates with our loyal followers. Thank you so much for your support!


Inspired by Stephanie’s story? If you would like to get involved with supporting Raising Futures Kenya through volunteering, get in touch with our UK Director Vic – vic@raisingfutureskenya.org.uk