We are planning to drill a new 240 meter deep well/borehole in rural Kitui County, Kenya on our vocational training centre site. For students, and open to the community, it will provide over 200 local people per day with an easy-to-reach, safe, clean, water source for drinking and growing food. Extreme drought over several years has made this an urgent need. The well will provide clean accessible water for drinking, food growing and support income generation in the community, leading to improved health and food security.

Students watering vegetable crops in Kitui


Kitui County, Kenya, has suffered an extreme ongoing drought for over 3 years. Delayed and unpredictable rainfall has led to massive crop failures and drying up of shallow seasonal water wells. These communities are already battling rising unemployment and skyrocketing food prices. People cannot grow crops or afford to buy food and are going hungry – 40% of people are living below the food poverty line. Women and girls have to walk distances of up to 10km to access clean and affordable water.


There’s an urgent need to create a permanent, accessible water source for the local community, for drinking and for people to grow their own food. Drilling the deep borehole at Kitui will provide a permanent water source for the training centre and surrounding community. Water will be pumped out at the touch of a button and can be piped where required or taken directly from the borehole. It will enable households to access affordable, clean water to drink at home, and to grow food crops.

Long-Term Impact

A permanent water source would mean we can set up a demonstration farm at our Kitui training centre, as a base to run agribusiness training for the local community. This training will equip 300 people a year in Kitui with the agricultural and business skills/knowledge to adapt to growing crops and harvesting rainwater in the current conditions, and create small businesses to sell surplus crops, reducing food insecurity and creating a sustainable year-round income.


The total cost of drilling the borehole and installing the community water pump is £30,375. We have already secured £10,500 from grants.

If we all pool together we can make clean, safe water a reality for over 200 people every day in Kitui. Every small drop will make a difference.

  • £4 = could provide 10 people with safe, clean water for the day
  • £16 = could provide 40 people with safe, clean water for the day
  • £20 = could provide 50 people with safe, clean water for the day
  • £32 = could provide 80 people with safe, clean water for the day
  • £80 = could provide a whole day of safe, clean water for 200 people from the community

Let’s give girls in the local community the opportunity to focus on their education rather than walking 10km every day for clean water.

Donate to our borehole fundraising page on GlobalGiving here. During 8th-12th April donations up to £50 will be matched by 50% by GlobalGiving, making your donation go 50% further.