When it comes to mental health in Kenya, 75% of Kenyans are unable to easily access mental health services (Taskforce on Mental Health Report 2020), and youth and adolescents are identified as a key group adversely affected by mental ill health, that get most left behind (The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights).

Due to poverty, many young people in the underserved communities where we work in Kenya, leave school with no qualifications or employment skills, particularly girls, and lose all hope for their future to poverty, exploitation and criminal activity to make ends meet.

Poor investment and lack of access to mental health services contributes to a decreased ability among youth and adolescents to make rational choices and an increase in engagement in risky sexual behaviour and substance abuse further impacting their mental health and life outcomes.

This is why our Seed of Hope programme’s focus on mental health and wellbeing alongside our vocational and business skills training is so vital. At our Seed of Hope training centres, all students engage in our life skills programme with a ‘Mental Health and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights’ curriculum tackling issues of gender equality and gender-based violence, group counselling and can take up free, unlimited individual counselling sessions. This support is essential to young people’s success in their learning and for their sustained success beyond.

We believe in these resilient, determined and entrepreneurial young people and we know that with our support they can move past trauma to create rewarding futures. Together we’re changing the narrative and helping to break the cycle of poverty and inequality.

“I was not satisfied with the life I was living. I wanted to do a vocational training course, so I could rely on the skills even in old age, but I could never afford it, until I heard of the free vocational courses offered at Seed of Hope. Leaving drugs behind, thanks to counselling, has been a huge milestone for me and with completing the skills course I am sure of a dignified future.’’

- Seed of Hope graduate 2022

Thank you for supporting our Seed of Hope programme and standing up for mental health and wellbeing for brighter futures.