This is an incredible moment…


For over 10 years, and with your donations, we have supported two specialist schools in Kenya to provide education, nutritional support, therapies and counselling for children with physical disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN). We have worked closely with families and the wider community to break down stigma and find disabled children in the community to provide them with appropriate education and therapies to ensure they have the earliest intervention possible and the best chance of fulfil their potential.   We have worked with parents and the wider community to create long-term attitude change about disability.


In 2019 we received a generous donation to this programme that has helped us to achieve something amazingBoth Percy Davies School and Kirunguru School are now 100% self-sufficient, no longer reliant on external funding to provide their life-changing support to children with disabilities.  When we received this donation in 2019 we asked the schools what they wanted and they told us – they wanted to be able to support themselves and not rely on external funding. With their request in mind, we had an ambitious vision to put this generous gift to work in order to achieve the total independence of these two schools and over the last two years and despite the chaos of the COVID19 global pandemic, this vision has become a reality. In just in the last few months, in August 2021, Percy Davies and Kirunguru Special Schools were finally, fully financially independent. We could not have reached this incredible moment without your help, thank you.


Through a combination of practical support, up skilling and financial investment into income generation projects, both schools are now able to fully fund themselves. Both schools now have a school business farm and greenhouse that produces nutritious food for the children to eat and extra to sell to generate income for educational materials and therapies for the children. The schools have also developed excellent relationships with the wider community and local government who both now support the schools with any additional costs they may have.


With your support we’ve achieved what all non-profits dream of – our support is no longer needed here. With the successful completion of this project we will focus our efforts on our flagship programme, Seed of Hope holistic vocational training for young people.

We hope that we will have many more reports like this to share with you over the coming years as we continue to strive for independence and financial security for the fantastic young people and communities we work with in Kenya.

Thank you so much for your part in making this happen and we look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2022 and beyond.

With gratitude,

Vic, Mary, Kirsty and Flo