We’re so excited that at the end of this month, Gemma Cairney presents the BBC Radio 4 Appeal featuring Raising Futures Kenya


Gemma will share the work of our award-winning Seed of Hope training programme through the incredibly moving story of Linet – a young mother of twins, and survivor of abuse, who gained the counselling, support and vocational training she needed, to become the successful small business owner she is today.


For many people, the power-house of a bubbling, enthusiastic presenter that is Gemma Cairney, needs no introduction, but for those less familiar, here’s a run down on why we could not have hoped for anyone better to present Linet’s story.


Gemma Cairney is an award-winning broadcaster, author, and an important advocate for young people. Between her life experiences, her passion for fashion, music and parties, to her time as Radio 1’s resident agony aunt on The Surgery, and her award-winning radio and television documentaries placing feminism and social justice front and centre, she’s perfectly placed to offer hope and advice to young people, particularly young women.


She is the author of ‘OPEN: A Toolkit for How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be’, full of honest advice about the big, bad and beautiful things that growing up is all about: from mental health to families to first love, and everything in between.


Gemma was keen to meet Linet and get to know the resilient young woman, brave enough to share her painful and yet hugely hopeful story. They met online recently and Linet explained that from the desperation she had felt, the support she received at Seed of Hope made her feel that she was on top of the world “because I’ve never felt that kind of love in my life”.


Gemma understands this so readily, which gets to the heart of our holistic approach, that “when we do get that kind of unconditional love and support, it’s all possible!”


What Gemma has to say on the matter is phenomenally uplifting so I urge you to listen: 

“In current times we are bombarded by doom. News of doom all around the world. But at the same time I really urge people to listen up and to decide how we can infuse healing and help others.


I know for sure that women of the world are super important. Women are who we need to be focusing on in terms of healing, uplifting and empowering to make this whole world a better place.


When I met Linet, I saw her beam. I promised her that I would pass on her message … which is to support this incredible small organisation really making a difference called raising futures Kenya.


So I urge you to stand up. Spend £25 differently, today. And support this incredible charity, because I’ve seen and I’ve heard how much of a difference they can make.”

See our Radio 4 Appeal webpage for more info and to donate: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001jkd8 [Please note: you will only be able to hear the audio and donate to our charity via this page when our appeal goes live from this Sunday, 26th February]