As part of our ‘Growing Seeds of Hope’ agricultural project, we think it is really important to encourage our farmers to pass on the skills they have learnt and the knowledge they have accquired in sharing to those who are just beginning the course. After conducting impact assessment surveys, we are able to see those farmers excelling in the different areas of training and promote them to peer leaders and trainers. By doing this our farmers can share in responsibility, take ownership over what they have been learning and can feel pride at the positive example they are setting within ther community.

Meet Joseph!

Joseph (pictured above) has managed to implement improved banana and avocado farming since the training with 50 avocado trees planted and grafted this season! His bananas are flourishing – literally (pictured below right)! From his sales proceeds of the avocados and bananas, he and his wife have been able to buy medicines, fertilizer for the farm and employ farm hands to support him on the farm.

The best part of Joseph’s story is that after accessing better market for his avocados, he was able to buy the remaining 20 iron sheets to finish roofing his house (pictured below left)! Joseph’s wife felt so encouraged by Joseph’s new methods and motivation that she enrolled to cohort 3 of the agricultural training to maximise the learning within their household.

“Joseph’s enthusiasm was absolutely amazing! His wife is joining the 3rd cohort so that they can support each other better. His farm is so far the best managed of the ones we’ve visited.” Mary Mwangi, Operations Director in Kenya, after a recent visit to the project.

What a fantastic story to share!